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10’ x 16’ Treated Pine Two Beam with Stain pergola

Shopping for outdoors can be very expensive, from water fixtures and gardens to outdoor patio furniture.  Often times people don’t have the time or energy to maintain their outdoor spaces, which can lead to a lot of problems; reduction of property value and an unattractive outdoor area are two examples of why keeping up your outdoor space is so crucial.  Not a fan of the outdoors?  Bring the indoor comfort outside!  A great and cost effective way to get out of the summer sun yet still be outside is a pergola.

One of the many pergolas sold in retail stores and online is the popular 10’ x 16’ Treated Pine Two Beam with Stain pergola.  This model is very inexpensive compared to some other models on the market, but definitely does not sacrifice quality.  It is built with sturdy pin timbers that assemble easily and last for a very long time, making this purchase worth it.  Do your research before you make a purchase like this, as you want to avoid poor workmanship that causes you to end up buying another one, creating hassle and headache for everyone.


Coming in at just under $3,600, this beautiful and sturdy pergola is a great way to get the shade and beauty if provides, without spending a fortune on more expensive ones.  Some pergolas can reach prices over $10,000 dollars—for those of you on a budget who still want to spice up your outdoor space, you know this isn’t something you can rationally afford.  This pine model is just as beautiful and durable, for a fraction of the price.

After purchasing your item, it usually takes between one and three weeks to ship, and shipping is $380.00.  Even though it does cost to ship, the relative total price compared to that of other pergolas is still very low, making this a fantastic deal.  The item is shipped on a motor freight and you may need some assistance unloading it as it is a rather large item.  Once you have it shipped, there shouldn’t be any problems assembling it.

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It is very easily to assemble and will be up in your outdoor space in no time.  This model gets rid of frustrating assembly instructions and extended labor.  You should be able to relax under the pergola when it is finished, so why should the construction of it not also be relaxing.  This philosophy is what makes this specific model so successful—less assembly time means more time for you, your family, or your business to enjoy it.  The pergola is beautiful, made with fine woods that are durable and long lasting.  It will take a relatively short time to assemble this product, so you will be able to enjoy it in no time at all.

This model is able to be used all year round, so look to use it as much as you can.  Hang flowers on it in the Spring and Summer, try some bonfires in the Winter, enjoy the changing of the leaves in the Fall—whatever your outdoor hobby is, a pergola is a perfect addition to it.  Change the look of your space with one purchase.

This beautiful and inexpensive pergola is the perfect touch on finishing your outdoor space. This specific 10’ x 16’ model is a great deal, and is priced for a fraction of the cost for similar ones.  The fast shipping, combined with the easy assembly allow for you to be enjoying your new pergola in no time.  If you’re looking for a drastic way to change your outdoor space at home or your place of business, look into purchasing a pergola.

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