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8′ x 12′ Cedar Deluxe 4-Beam Pergola with Stain

A pergola or arbor can create a wonderful space for sitting with your loves ones and friends in the midst of your yard pool area, garden or even as a smashing addition to the front of your home. The word pergola has a long history, its first recorded use being in 1645 – we have been enjoying these structures for a long time.

This deluxe pergola is spacious, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s look at some of its features.

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Western Red Cedar

The most important feature of a pergola is its wood. Sure, a Western Red Cedar Pergola is more expensive than say, White Pine or Red Maple, but a pergola stands outside, facing the elements daily. Western Red Cedar is resilient; it keeps its structure and beauty.

If you ask neighbors and friends who have invested in wooden outdoor garden structures, you’ll find that a common complaint is how the wood has quickly changed its appearance and shape. Choosing Western Red Cedar erases this issue.

Western Red Cedar is also a green choice – it naturally removes green house gases from the environment and resists insect invasions of all descriptions.

Sturdy structure

An elegant pergola is only as appealing as it is sturdy and secure. A pergola that does not stand firmly in wind gusts can seem flimsy; a well-appointed outdoor structure must be engineered so that it works and feels like a permanent structure, not a temporary piece.

This pergola has sturdiness covered. Its posts are solid cedar. Stainless steel post brackets have been constructed to last – they can be firmly attached to a patio or a larger structure like a house.

The size of this pergola – 8’ x 12’ – means that no middle beams are required to give the structure strength, meaning that there is more unobstructed space within the structure.


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Easy to build

Buying an elegant pergola that will add value to your property is a joyful experience. Though if the pergola that arrives at your home in carefully constructed packaging is difficult to build, the joy dissipates rather quickly. Fear not. This is not a pergola that will have you kicking its box and tearing your hair out during the assembly process.

You will need to set aside time, maybe up to 8 hours if you are not an expert in building. Know that the instructions are clear and it is simply a matter of following a step by step project.


Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about buying a pergola that will add value and beauty to your property, this 8′ x 12′ cedar deluxe 4-beam pergola with stain is a topnotch choice.

Remember that the most common frustration of buyers of outdoor wooden structures is that their structure’s wood has not stood up to time. Sure it looked fabulous for the first six months, but then started to splinter and harden. Western Red Cedar will not let you down; it is a sustainably sourced high quality elegant wood that will stand up to the elements and the insects.

A well-engineered pergola will be easy to build and stand as a sturdy permanent structure, it will not have the vibe of a temporary structure that could collapse if pushed far enough. This pergola will stand up sturdily as a permanent structure on your property to be enjoyed for years to come.

A final thought. When choosing a wooden structure for your property, remember that if the price seems ridiculously good, it is probably because you are paying for a structure that has been engineered to last only a few seasons.

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