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Thanks for taking the time to checkout my about page – my name is Dave and I am the owner of

I’m just a regular guy who got sick and tired of trying to find decent pergola reviews online. You would think in this day and age that there would be a website about pretty much everything wouldn’t you? Well it turns out that buying pergola kits online is not something anyone can be bothered writing about, and seeing as I am a construction manager by trade and a handy man at home, I figured I would fill the “pergola kit gap” and write reviews about the various types of pergola kits for sale on the net.

As this site is very new I wanted to focus mainly on the reputable retailers and to date I have only reviewed products on as they are a trusted retailer and normally have fairly competitive prices. I also like that they are pretty good when it comes to refunds, so that way people can have that piece of mind that you just wouldn’t get dealing with a no name online retailer.

In the interests of full disclosure I will note that if you buy an item on Amazon I will earn a commission for the sale. Hopefully you will think of any commission as a tip for a worth while service that I am trying to provide here – by creating valuable information to help you with getting the right type of pergola / arbor for your outdoor setup. Most of the reviews are either written by me or vetted by me to ensure that the information provided is not only correct, but displayed in a way that will aid you in your decision making.

If you know of a great place where people can buy pergolas, please let me know and I will look into reviewing some of them. Please don’t ask me to review your product though as I am not interested in promoting poorly made pergola kits that people will struggle with.


Anyway, that’s enough from me – Happy pergola kit hunting everyone 🙂