V140 Outdoor Wood Pergola Review

Buying a pergola is not something you just go out and do, it takes time and research to make sure you are getting something that is going to suit your outdoor area, it is within your budget and it is going to physically fit in the location you have planned. Because pergolas can be so expensive, you also want to consider shopping around to ensure that you are getting good value for money.

The pergola that I am looking at today is the V140 outdoor wood pergola. It is without a doubt one of the most popular wooden pergolas that we have listed on our site, and with good reason. It is stunning to look at, easy to build and made of glorious Eucalyptus Gradis hardwood. This make it look and feel more expensive than it actually is. The timber is really strong and very durable and will suit almost any type of outdoor setting.

Ellsworth 13.5 x 13.5-ft. Premium Wood Pergola


The V140 pergola will set you back between $2200 and $4,000 depending on where you buy it. The cheapest we saw it for was on Amazon at the time of writing it is $2,233.35 which includes free shipping.

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The key features of this pergola are:

  • Product dimension: 164 L x 164 W x 106 H (inches)
  • High-quality hardware fittings.
  • Detailed craftsmanship to the contoured roof ends and carved posts.
  • Environmentally friendly and harvested from certified forests.
  • Natural oils in the wood act as preservatives to resist insect attack and decay.
  • Careful attention to form and proportion.
  • Made of environmentally friendly, FSC-certified eucalyptus
  • Pre-sealed, pre-stained, and expertly kiln-dried
  • Pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-marked for easy assembly
  • Assembly instructions included
  • 1 year warranty


This pergola is very easy to assemble and should only take you and a friend a day to construct and erect. The price is a steal for this quality of timber and ease of construction so we highly recommend this pergola kit. It also is backed by a 1 year warranty which means that you can install this pergola without having to worry about problems.

10’ x 16’ Treated Pine Two Beam with Stain pergola

Shopping for outdoors can be very expensive, from water fixtures and gardens to outdoor patio furniture.  Often times people don’t have the time or energy to maintain their outdoor spaces, which can lead to a lot of problems; reduction of property value and an unattractive outdoor area are two examples of why keeping up your outdoor space is so crucial.  Not a fan of the outdoors?  Bring the indoor comfort outside!  A great and cost effective way to get out of the summer sun yet still be outside is a pergola.

One of the many pergolas sold in retail stores and online is the popular 10’ x 16’ Treated Pine Two Beam with Stain pergola.  This model is very inexpensive compared to some other models on the market, but definitely does not sacrifice quality.  It is built with sturdy pin timbers that assemble easily and last for a very long time, making this purchase worth it.  Do your research before you make a purchase like this, as you want to avoid poor workmanship that causes you to end up buying another one, creating hassle and headache for everyone.


Coming in at just under $3,600, this beautiful and sturdy pergola is a great way to get the shade and beauty if provides, without spending a fortune on more expensive ones.  Some pergolas can reach prices over $10,000 dollars—for those of you on a budget who still want to spice up your outdoor space, you know this isn’t something you can rationally afford.  This pine model is just as beautiful and durable, for a fraction of the price.

After purchasing your item, it usually takes between one and three weeks to ship, and shipping is $380.00.  Even though it does cost to ship, the relative total price compared to that of other pergolas is still very low, making this a fantastic deal.  The item is shipped on a motor freight and you may need some assistance unloading it as it is a rather large item.  Once you have it shipped, there shouldn’t be any problems assembling it.

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It is very easily to assemble and will be up in your outdoor space in no time.  This model gets rid of frustrating assembly instructions and extended labor.  You should be able to relax under the pergola when it is finished, so why should the construction of it not also be relaxing.  This philosophy is what makes this specific model so successful—less assembly time means more time for you, your family, or your business to enjoy it.  The pergola is beautiful, made with fine woods that are durable and long lasting.  It will take a relatively short time to assemble this product, so you will be able to enjoy it in no time at all.

This model is able to be used all year round, so look to use it as much as you can.  Hang flowers on it in the Spring and Summer, try some bonfires in the Winter, enjoy the changing of the leaves in the Fall—whatever your outdoor hobby is, a pergola is a perfect addition to it.  Change the look of your space with one purchase.

This beautiful and inexpensive pergola is the perfect touch on finishing your outdoor space. This specific 10’ x 16’ model is a great deal, and is priced for a fraction of the cost for similar ones.  The fast shipping, combined with the easy assembly allow for you to be enjoying your new pergola in no time.  If you’re looking for a drastic way to change your outdoor space at home or your place of business, look into purchasing a pergola.

Timber Frame Full-size 12’X12′ Pergola Kit

You’ve probably seen freestanding pergolas on friends or neighbors properties that add a simple beauty to its surroundings, a structure that looks as if it wants to house a splendid ivy or gorgeous climbing rose – or maybe it is doing just that. This pergola kit contains this kind of garden structure.

Timber Frame Full-Size 12'X12' Pergola KitBuyNow

Building this timber frame pergola

Do you find building a book shelf or even a child’s toy frustrating? If so, you are probably leery about buying a full-size pergola – yes that is 12’ x 12’ – kit. Because the word “kit” means that you have to put this thing together. Right?

The engineers behind this pergola kit understand that not all of us are talented handy people, able to construct difficult structures with ease. They get it. So when you unpack this pergola kit you will find some things that you will like a lot, that will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

  • Pre-cut parts. You will not need to use your power saw. (Wait. Who are we kidding? You will not have to borrow a power saw.)
  • Drilled parts. There will be no need to use your power drill to assemble this pergola; this means that you have no opportunity to drill a hole in the wrong spot. Whew.
  • Pre-stained parts. That all the parts of this timber frame pergola have already been stained – twice – makes it much easier for you, the builder. Who wants to head off to the hardware store to buy stain after you finish building your pergola? It is a much better idea to sit under it with a cold brew in hand.
  • If you have any experience putting together a wooden structure, you will remember that it is connecting the beams to the posts that can be tricky. Again, the engineers have your back. They have made it so it is extremely easy to fit these parts together. Even if you have no experience in doing so.
  • Mortised joints. There are few things more disappointing than completing a wooden structure only to see unsightly hardware that is keeping the wood together – this somehow destroys the look of the pergola. With mortised joints, you will not have to worry about making sure that hardware that shouldn’t be seen isn’t.
  • You don’t have a toolbox worthy of the name? This is not a problem. All the hardware that you will need to build this pergola is included in the kit. (This is one of the good things about buying a kit. You have everything you need for your project.)

>>> Check Amazon for prices on the Timber Frame 12′x12′ Pergola Kit 

This is a user-friendly kit. What else should you know?

This kit includes rough sawn Douglas Fir. This is a wood that has a rustic look, not a finished look. If your taste runs to highly polished wood, you may find that this pergola is not for you. If French country design appeals to you, or natural wood that blends into the nature that surrounds it, you will likely love this piece.



This natural pergola is a topnotch product that will look beautiful wherever you place it on your property. If you are a gardener and hope to have an ivy or another climbing plant grace this structure, you will be pleased. This is the perfect pergola for showing off a brilliant plant; it will shine as a centerpiece in any garden.

If you decide that this is the pergola for you, happy building. The exceptionally designed kit will have you finished building your new structure before you can say “I have never built anything before.”

Timber Frame Full-Size 16’X16′ Pergola Kit

If you’re looking for a stylish and shady addition to your back yard or garden, why not look into buying a pergola?  My Pergola Kit offers a wide variety of beautiful options for pergola installments.  From small pine installations to larger pergolas, My Pergola Kit is the premier destination for anyone looking to get high quality and long lasting pergolas.  One of their most popular choices is a stunning Timber Frame 16’ x 16’ kit.  Look for it on Amazon at a great price.  This beautiful and sturdy pergola is going for less than ten thousand dollars, and offers a lot of additional features and services.  Prices range drastically with pergolas; with this one, you know you are getting high quality materials and the best possible service.

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Timber Frame 20’x20′ Full-Size Pergola Kit

Pergolas are excellent additions to a space to add beauty, and for practical purposes, shield you from the harmful sun.  There are many different styles and options out there, but it’s important to do research and pick a high quality pergola that will last—choosing to buy a cheaper one may result in having to buy a new one a short time later.  They also come in many different styles, and a popular one from the successful seller My Pergola Kit is the Timber Frame 20’ x 20’ Full-Size Pergola Kit.  This well built, long lasting, beautiful timber pergola is priced on Amazon for just under thirteen thousand dollars—a great price for the quality of the product.

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Yardistry Arched Roof Pergola Gazebos with Plinth

Every year when summer rolls around, people flock outside for anything and everything. Sunshine and birds chirping make everyone happy and people feel the need to be social after a winter of being stuck inside with limited social interactions. Unfortunately, many homes simply are not big enough on the inside to accommodate groups of people, even small groups of your closest family or friends. This leaves man people feeling hopeless about hosting all the summer parties they have dreamed about.

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Lodge II Pergola 14×14

Some of us swoon for Spanish design – some of us for Tudor or French Colonial. Though if it is a mountain lodge design that moves you; sturdy beams of wood that stand up boldly, bolstering a rugged, clean design that emanates the peacefulness of nature – the Lodge II Pergola is for you.

Made in the USA

There are a plethora of pergolas available in the current market – not all of them are made in America. The thing is, there is a benefit in buying a pergola that has been engineered and built in the country and climate where it will be used. A knowledgeable American engineer knows his materials and what will work best in an outdoor structure anywhere in America.

Different countries have different regulations about product quality and the manufacturing process – consider this when choosing an outdoor structure that you hope to enjoy for years. American made is a benefit when it comes to a wooden structure of a substantial size.

Lodge II Pergola 14x14 - BigBuyNow


Douglas Fir

The most important factor when deciding which pergola is for you is its wood. A low quality wood can look good – even magnificent – for a number of months but will quickly start to show its vulnerabilities. The thing is, if you choose a low quality wood for your pergola, you will not be able to fix the problems it has in a year or so.

This pergola is made with premium grade, kiln dried Douglas Fir. This is a wood that has a life expectation close to that of a top quality cedar. If you take care of this wood as prescribed, you will be able to enjoy your pergola for a long time.



Different kinds of wood require different treatments so that they stay in their best form. The pieces of Douglas Fir that you will use to build this pergola have been dipped in stain before they arrive at your front door. This process insures that you are starting out with topnotch materials that will ensure a successful building of this impressive structure.

You should know that this pergola requires a yearly stain so that it retains in original allure. You can think of it as a repeating project that helps you welcome in spring each year.


Mountain Lodge Style

This pergola will add value to your property, wherever you place it. One prominent positioning of this structure that can transform your home is to attach it directly to the front of your home. You will feel as if you are walking into a luxurious mountain lodge as you walk into your home every evening. This is to say nothing of the distinct spike in curb appeal this outstanding product brings to your property.


>>> Check Amazon for prices on the Lodge II Pergola 14×14


Final Thoughts

Deciding to buy a 14’ x 14’ wooden structure for your property is a big decision. This is not the time to look for the lowest price you can find. This is the time for being selective and choosing a wood that is up to America’s climate and resilient. Douglas Fir fits the bill.

The aesthetic appeal of this pergola is that it really does evoke a sense of a prominent mountain lodge – the kind that makes you feel like you never want to leave it. If your home fits in with the nature that surrounds it, you will find this product to be a perfect choice.

A final word. If you do decide to buy this pergola, do not ignore the instructions for its care. If you show Douglas Fir respect and take care of it, it will reward by staying beautiful.

8′ x 12′ Cedar Deluxe 4-Beam Pergola with Stain

A pergola or arbor can create a wonderful space for sitting with your loves ones and friends in the midst of your yard pool area, garden or even as a smashing addition to the front of your home. The word pergola has a long history, its first recorded use being in 1645 – we have been enjoying these structures for a long time.

This deluxe pergola is spacious, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s look at some of its features.

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What is a Pergola?

A pergola is another common term for an arbor. These are commonly found in outdoor gardens as a visual feature to highlight or cover something such as a bench, a patio set, or a hot tub. They can offer a shadowed walk way as a focal point as well.

The term is Latin, meaning “projected walk way”. They are commonly used to help support vines, which are popular in almost any traditional garden space and gives the garden an almost magical feel about it. Sometimes they are used like an extension of a building, to link it to an outdoor space or another building. Throughout history pergolas have been made of wood, stone, or even constructed from the careful formation of trees and shrubs.

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12×12 Sonoma Arched Wood Pergola

One of the most exciting and practicable of outdoor landscaping trends at the moment is to transform your outdoor space into something of an outdoor living room, a design idea which can resonate especially in areas such as Southern California which are climate-friendly all year round.  However, even in the cozy confines of suburban Los Angeles County, where an outdoor living room complete with specialized outdoor furniture surrounded by wooden terraces and a flowering garden can be idyllic, if you decide to go ahead with this plan, chances are you’ll want something to provide you and your guests with a little shade now and then.  You don’t want to waste money on a bulky tarp that doesn’t go with your outdoor décor, but at the same time an elaborate gazebo or archway may be out of your price range.  As such, if you still want your outdoor setup to have a fashionable villa feeling while staying within your budget, you might want to consider trying a 12×12 Sonoma Arched Wood Pergola.

Sonoma Arched Wood PergolaBuy

Part archway and part overhang, the Sonoma Arched Wood Pergola combines both form and function as it boasts a strong foundation and an elegant wooden design.  The wood used in the construction and finish of this model is authentic Douglas fir.  Given the strong, firm nature of fir wood, as well as the way in which its glossy finish effectively reflects light, this model promises only the best in terms of sturdiness and style.  With the overall product dimensions measuring 12 x 12, and the pergola weighing in at 595 pounds, the Sonoma Arched Wood Pergola can lay claim to being sturdy and spacious without being so large as to completely take over your lawn or too small and lightweight as to feel cheap and/or blow over.


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About the Manufacturer

The renowned Outdoor GreatRoom Company site reads, “The Outdoor Greatroom Company™ has everything you need to create your dream outdoor room. We design, manufacture and sell pergolas, outdoor kitchens, grills, luxury outdoor furniture, fireplaces, fire pits, lighting and heating products. Located in the heart of Minnesota, The Outdoor Greatroom Company™ now has a beautiful Outdoor Room Showroom, featuring everything from weatherproof furniture and outdoor fire pits, to outdoor pergolas and grills.” This company has a robust offering of premium outdoor living components, perfect for the family who likes to enjoy their backyard.  Those who frequently entertain on their patio will salivate over their catalog featured on their site.  The Outdoor GreatRoom Company name fits well as it is their hope that their offerings will make you want to see your patio as a desirable outdoor living space. Made from Douglas fir. Dip-stained and precision-cut for quality. Available in your choice of finish. Made in the USA.


>>> Check Amazon for prices on the Sonoma 12×12 Pergola


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews were not found on this particular model so we looked at what consumers had to say about their products in general.  The reviews we could find on them were nothing short of phenomenal.  Consumers raved about the quality of their purchases.  One word that came up on the styling of the products was the word, “elegant”.  Consumers were delighted that their purchases received so many compliments from friends who saw them.  Others remarked on the easy instructions for assembly of The Outdoor GreatRoom Company’s products. These outstanding reviews make us feel confident that this piece will be a well-worthwhile purchase.


Suggestions for Use

Chances are, if you’re considering buying an archway for your backyard, it’s to provide shade and protection for a sort of outdoors living room setup or as a second living room; in that respect, the Sonoma Arched Wood Pergola can go a long way towards establishing a mood of class and sophistication for such a setup.  With the option for either the standard Douglas fir finish or a customized mocha finish, you can choose the pergola color best suited to your outdoor arrangement and allow your pergola to complement the outside of your home and garden space.  What’s more, it has a roof that functions both as a skylight and ample protection from harmful UV radiation, finely-cut side doors, and an anchor system which weights your system in place without creating a bulky nightmare.

Sturdy, stylish, and able to fit into a variety of outdoor décors, the Sonoma Arched Wood Pergola is a fine marriage of form and function and best of all, it is competitively priced when compared to other pergolas in this size.