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Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor

If you’ve been looking for the absolute perfect arch style arbor to include in your backyard – one that fits almost any outdoor design aesthetic imaginable, while upping the class and elegance, then you’re going to fall in love with the Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor.

Constructed out of premium materials and finished to an incredibly high level of quality, this is the kind of piece that you can have installed in your garden or backyard in an afternoon and enjoy it for years and years to come.

Here’s our quick breakdown of the Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor, and whether or not you should invest in this piece.

Overall design

The overall design aesthetic that you’ll be able to enjoy when you have fully installed the Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor is rather simplified and whimsical, not dissimilar from the Arts and Crafts furniture style popular in New England in other regions of America.

Eden Vienna Vinyl Arch ArborBuy

Mixing both masculine and feminine styles in a unique, exciting, and interesting way topped off with a brilliant white paint scheme, there’s a lot to love about the overall design and look of the Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor. At 7 ½ feet (at the apex) there’s more than enough room to move through this large Arbor. It’s the perfect kind of lawn furniture for summertime and fall meetings, and a key part of “anchoring” your backyard space in the spring when your plants and flowers are just beginning to bloom again.


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Construction quality

While this piece of backyard furniture is engineered and constructed out of 100% premium weather resistant brilliant white vinyl, it’s had a wood grain pattern crafted into the surface of the material – guaranteeing that you’ll get that high end look you’ve been hoping for.

That same premium weather resistant vinyl allows you to enjoy your Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor for decades and decades without any of the preventative maintenance that wood would require. All you have to do is install the arbor and enjoy the same brand-new look for decades and decades to come. The fit and finish of all the components are of the highest possible quality as well, guaranteeing that you’ll be provided with a seamless look and feel.


Ease of assembly/installation

The exciting thing about the all premium vinyl construction is that you should be able to put together your brand-new Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor without any real construction know-how or “handiness” whatsoever. Sure, you’re going to need a handful of household tools – a power screwdriver will certainly assist in the construction of this new piece of backyard furniture, but even those with the most minimal of construction skills should be able to have this up and installed in a few hours.


Key Points and Dimensions

Eden Vienna Vinyl Arch Arbor DimensionsBuy

  • Size: 49W x 24D x 91.6H inches
  • 2 x 3.5 inch Post Size
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy and Attractive
  • Maintenance Free
  • 20 Year Warranty


Final verdict

Easily one of the more attractive arbors available on the market today, the odds are great that you’ll fall in love with Eden Vienna 7.5-ft. Vinyl Arch Arbor as will your neighbors and guests. Definitely a fantastic investment to really up the look of your backyard and garden spaces, this is the kind of product that you can enjoy for decades to come.


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