Lodge II Pergola 14×14

Some of us swoon for Spanish design – some of us for Tudor or French Colonial. Though if it is a mountain lodge design that moves you; sturdy beams of wood that stand up boldly, bolstering a rugged, clean design that emanates the peacefulness of nature – the Lodge II Pergola is for you.

Made in the USA

There are a plethora of pergolas available in the current market – not all of them are made in America. The thing is, there is a benefit in buying a pergola that has been engineered and built in the country and climate where it will be used. A knowledgeable American engineer knows his materials and what will work best in an outdoor structure anywhere in America.

Different countries have different regulations about product quality and the manufacturing process – consider this when choosing an outdoor structure that you hope to enjoy for years. American made is a benefit when it comes to a wooden structure of a substantial size.

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Douglas Fir

The most important factor when deciding which pergola is for you is its wood. A low quality wood can look good – even magnificent – for a number of months but will quickly start to show its vulnerabilities. The thing is, if you choose a low quality wood for your pergola, you will not be able to fix the problems it has in a year or so.

This pergola is made with premium grade, kiln dried Douglas Fir. This is a wood that has a life expectation close to that of a top quality cedar. If you take care of this wood as prescribed, you will be able to enjoy your pergola for a long time.



Different kinds of wood require different treatments so that they stay in their best form. The pieces of Douglas Fir that you will use to build this pergola have been dipped in stain before they arrive at your front door. This process insures that you are starting out with topnotch materials that will ensure a successful building of this impressive structure.

You should know that this pergola requires a yearly stain so that it retains in original allure. You can think of it as a repeating project that helps you welcome in spring each year.


Mountain Lodge Style

This pergola will add value to your property, wherever you place it. One prominent positioning of this structure that can transform your home is to attach it directly to the front of your home. You will feel as if you are walking into a luxurious mountain lodge as you walk into your home every evening. This is to say nothing of the distinct spike in curb appeal this outstanding product brings to your property.


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Final Thoughts

Deciding to buy a 14’ x 14’ wooden structure for your property is a big decision. This is not the time to look for the lowest price you can find. This is the time for being selective and choosing a wood that is up to America’s climate and resilient. Douglas Fir fits the bill.

The aesthetic appeal of this pergola is that it really does evoke a sense of a prominent mountain lodge – the kind that makes you feel like you never want to leave it. If your home fits in with the nature that surrounds it, you will find this product to be a perfect choice.

A final word. If you do decide to buy this pergola, do not ignore the instructions for its care. If you show Douglas Fir respect and take care of it, it will reward by staying beautiful.