Canterbury Contemporary Aluminum and Wood Pergola

The Canterbury Contemporary Aluminum and Wood Pergola by VIFAH is a well-designed blend of wood and metal by combining premium-grade, knot-free hardwood construction with sturdy aluminum posts on circular bases and marine-grade stainless steel hardware.  The contoured roof ends and curved arm-like supports soften the overall appearance, creating a more fluid design and make for an attractive addition to this pergola.  The size is generous with 164L x 164W x 106H inches for dimensions.  The components are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-marked for easy assembly so you won’t be spending hours with instructions and parts all over your patio.  This pergola has a classic feel but with an updated edge from the aluminum. This is an attractive piece that will present well with any style home.

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About the Manufacturer

According to their website, “Since our first day in business in 1995, VIFAH Wholesale has established a reputation for distributing products that simply sell in today’s demanding retail environment. Our product development philosophy is straightforward: the products must be at the highest quality and at the same time must be at the lowest possible prices.”  Their entire catalog is comprised mostly of outdoor wood furniture and wooden deck tiling.  Their contemporary designs are attractive and chic.


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Customer Reviews

This particular product had no consumer reviews so we took a look at the reviews of other products that VIFAH has sold recently.  We have to say, the reviews were very good.  Overall the products were rated from 4 to 4.5 stars which is pretty solid for a do-it-yourself kit brand.  Most consumers felt that the pieces were easy to assemble and that the furniture felt sturdy when it was put together.

We actually only found one really low score in all our searching, which was a one-star rating. It appears as if the reviewers deck chair broke and so she rated it poorly.  Considering how many products this company sells and how many positive reviews we saw, we are confident that this was likely a one off or even potentially a competitor putting in a poor review. Regardless, Amazon has return polices in place which means that the customer would have ended up being compensated.



Suggestions for Use

The use of wood and metal make this a versatile, decorative structure.  VIFAH also makes outdoor tables and chairs that would go splendidly with this pergola, complete with their smart wood deck tiles.  This complete assembly is featured on VIFAH’s site along with planters that featured dark green plants.  We think the addition of color with large flower plantings would highlight the design and the depth of the wood.  Try hanging some geraniums, petunias or other bright flowers with large blossoms from the edges of the pergola but installing metal hooks and some aluminum chain from your local hardware store.  The blooms will add some flare to the wood on metal look of this construction.  wrapping the rafters with clear light strands will add some additional beauty and also add hours on to your time outside by creating an outdoor light source.  We think you’ll agree that this particular pergola has a smart look to it that will leave your backyard guests wondering where they can get one too.