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Timber Frame 20’x20′ Full-Size Pergola Kit

Pergolas are excellent additions to a space to add beauty, and for practical purposes, shield you from the harmful sun.  There are many different styles and options out there, but it’s important to do research and pick a high quality pergola that will last—choosing to buy a cheaper one may result in having to buy a new one a short time later.  They also come in many different styles, and a popular one from the successful seller My Pergola Kit is the Timber Frame 20’ x 20’ Full-Size Pergola Kit.  This well built, long lasting, beautiful timber pergola is priced on Amazon for just under thirteen thousand dollars—a great price for the quality of the product.

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This pergola offers free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United Stage, which is a great deal for such a big object.  After purchasing, the pergola usually ships in three to five weeks, so you will get your pergola relatively soon.  This high quality pergola is made from the finest Douglas Fir Timbers, giving it strength and durability against all sorts of weather.  It does not take on the characteristics of the weather at the time—it won’t be hot or cold to the touch, making this a perfect outdoor accessory for all seasons.  Relax under the shade in the summer sun, or have a bonfire underneath it in the winter—whatever your outdoor hobby, under a pergola is a great place to do it.

Also protecting against weather is the two coats of UV protection stain, blocking the sun from doing damage and keeping it looking clean and un-weathered for years to come.  Assembly is very easy—it includes all the necessary hardware to assemble on site.  Additionally, it has pre-cut, pre-drilled, and notched pieces that help with the ease of assembly.  Since the pieces fit together, there is no need for ugly and invasive metal brackets, bolts, and hangers.  The sensibility and ease of build make this product a great choice for viewing and assembling.

The pergola kit includes step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, which is another perk of this pergola.  Don’t struggle bolting and assembling pergolas that don’t come with the hardware included and require a complicated assembly process.  This beautiful pergola is large, yet easy to assemble.

Here are the measurements:

  • 6” x 6” x 10” Posts
  • 3” x 10” Support Beams
  • 2” x 8” Rafters
  • 2” x 4” Shade Planks on Top
  • 2” x 8” Structured Knee Braces

Douglas fir is a great wood to choose, as it provides long lasting durability and beauty, not to mention the very natural feel that you don’t get with unnatural materials.  As seen, the impressive size of the structure is enough to withstand almost anything.


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The sellers work with you to get the best product available in a timely and friendly manner, making the entire transaction enjoyable for both parties.  Use for your home or business—a pergola is a sure way to improve the look and comfort of your space.  It is a sound investment that will last a long time, and an investment everyone will enjoy.  To spice up your back yard or garden, why not try one?  The comfort and elegance that it provides is invaluable, and is something you will never regret purchasing.

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