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Top 10 DIY Pergola Kits

Welcome to DIY Pergola Kits where we review many different types of pergolas which you can build yourself with ready made kits. The pergolas we review are all made out of different types of materials and come in a range of different sizes.

Here at DIY Pergola Kits we believe that there are many benefits of building a pergola from a kit rather than cutting out all the various pieces yourself and building it from scratch and so we have reviewed all the common types of pergolas that people are installing all over the United States.

The interactive chart of pergola kits below in combination with our ratings will help you to decide which pergola kit will best suit your needs.


Top 10 Pergola Kits

Pergola KitsDimensionsMaterialsPricePro Rating
Venetian Vinyl PergolaVenetian Vinyl PergolaBuy10 ft L
10 ft W
9 ft H
Vinyl$$4.8 / 5
VIFAH V140 Outdoor Wood Pergola
Ellsworth 13.5 x 13.5-ft. Premium Wood PergolaBuy
13.5 ft L
13.5 ft W
$$$$4.5 / 5
Dura-Trel Kingston PergolaDura-Trel Kingston PergolaBuy7 ft L
7 ft W
PVC vinyl$4 / 5
Contemporary Aluminum and Wood PergolaContemporary Aluminum and Wood PergolaBuy13.6 ft L
13.6 ft W
8.8 ft H
Aluminum / Wood$$$4.6 / 5
Tuscany II Deluxe Reinforced Fiberglass PergolaOutdoor GreatRoom Tuscany PergolaBuy14 ft L
14 ft W
8.25 ft H
Reinforced resin and fiberglass$$$$$5 / 5
White Portland Pergola
White Portland PergolaBuy

9 ft L
9 ft W
7.9 ft H
Vinyl$4.5 / 5
Yardistry Arched Roof PergolaYardistry Arched Roof PergolaBuy12 ft L
12 ft W
8 ft H
Wood (Cedar)$$4.3 / 5
Treated Pine 2-Beam PergolaTreated Pine 2-Beam PergolaBuy10 ft L
16 ft W
8-9 ft H
Wood (Pine)$$$$5 / 5
Rough Sawn Select PergolaRough Sawn Select PergolaBuy12 ft L
12 ft W
8 ft H
Wood (Cedar)$$$4.9 / 5
Sonoma Arched Wood PergolaSonoma Arched Wood PergolaBuy16 ft L
16 ft W
9.75 ft H
Wood (Douglas fir in a redwood or a mocha finish)$$$$5 / 5

Included in the table is 5 columns:

  • Pergola pictures (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Pergola dimensions
  • The materials the pergola is made out of
  • Price – These are approximate prices on  These change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more.
    In general:

    • $ = under $1,000
    • $$ = $1,000 to $1,500
    • $$$ = $1,500 to $2,000
    • $$$$ = $2000 – $5,000
    • $$$$$ = $5,000+
  • Pro Rating – Our value judgment based on quality, cost, materials and user reviews.

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier


Note: Most pergola kits come with all the pieces of equipment you will require to build a pergola. In addition to the individual pieces that the pergola kit contains, you will also need the following basic tools:

  • Hammer / Mallet
  • Electric screw driver / drill
  • Spanner
  • Measuring tape
  • Concrete
  • Shovel / spade
  • Ladder
  • Level

Obviously every situation is different, and people have their own personal preferences and budgets to work with, but hopefully even if you don’t find the pergola you are looking for in our top 10 list, you might find what you are looking for elsewhere on our site.



How to build a pergola?

There are a heap of great how to build a pergola guides on the net, so I won’t go into details on this. If you need help though, I highly recommend watching the 1st video below in its entirety. While the pergola they install isn’t available anymore, it is pretty much the same process that you use for all pergolas and it goes into a lot of detail and shows many of the pitfalls first time installers fall for.



This video is a time lapse of a couple of men installing a nice wooden pergola. Judging by the position of the sun I would say they completed this large pergola in about 3-4 hours.


This final video shows 2 guys installing a small pergola. They show the installation over 5 steps which should give you a good idea of what is required to build a pergola from a DIY kit.


If you don’t like videos, then these sites might help you out (the 1st video goes into a lot more detail):


Types of pergola kit materials

Most pergolas will come in the following types of materials

  • Wood – The most expensive type of material is the Wood, but they are also normally the best quality. Wood pergolas often come in Cedar, Pine or Redwood.
  • Metal – Most metal pergolas are made with aluminum posts and a wood roof.
  • Vinyl / Plastic – The most common type of pergola that you can buy and they are often the cheapest.
  • Stone (Some pergolas will come with stone or stone like support posts).



How much does a DIY pergola kit cost?

As previously mentioned, there are many different types of pergola kits available and each one will have its own unique challenges and costs associated with it.


It is common place for pergola kits to cost anywhere from about $700 all the way up to about $10,000. It all depends on what type of materials you are using, the size of the pergola and the quality/longevity you are expecting from the product.


Generally speaking – the cheaper the product you buy, the poorer the quality and the more likely it is that the product will not last the test of time. Conversely, the more expensive the item is then you would expect it to be of better quality and to last longer than the cheaper version.



What sizes do pergolas come in?

Pergolas can come in really small sizes through to quite big sizes. The most common sizes are 8ft x 8ft through to 12ft x 12ft. Obviously the larger the pergola the more expensive it will be to buy and the longer it will take you to construct.


Some pergola kits come in rectangular shapes and some are even curved at the top. The curved pergolas can be great if you want to use your pergola for something like a party or a wedding as they really look great and they provide extra room for decorations.



Why you should use a DIY pergola kit

I personally think that using a pergola kit makes so much sense just for the time savings alone. I don’t want to have to measure out and cut posts then find all the right fittings to put it all together. Getting a ready made pergola kit saves you most of the hassle of constructing the pieces and all that is left to do is put it together and plant it in the ground.


By using a DIY kit you will end up saving hours and hours of time and you are less likely to make a mistake as the most difficult parts of the pergola have been done for you.



How much time does it take to build a pergola from a kit?

For most of the pergola kits that we list on this website you should dedicate at least 4-5 hours if you are a skilled handyman and are confident in your abilities. If you are more of a novice, you should plan to start in the morning and book out most of the day.


Remember, there is no point rushing things – make sure you have read through the instructions carefully before starting and be sure you know what you are doing. There is nothing worse than having something 50% finished only to find that you have something back to front and you have to start again.