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Yardistry Arched Roof Pergola Gazebos with Plinth

Every year when summer rolls around, people flock outside for anything and everything. Sunshine and birds chirping make everyone happy and people feel the need to be social after a winter of being stuck inside with limited social interactions. Unfortunately, many homes simply are not big enough on the inside to accommodate groups of people, even small groups of your closest family or friends. This leaves man people feeling hopeless about hosting all the summer parties they have dreamed about.

Outdoor Rooms: The Solution

Are you looking for a way to increase the space of your home for all the social events you want to have? If so, you’ve probably realized how expensive home additions can be and what a hassle moving can be if you just want a bit more space to entertain your friends and family. If this sounds like you, perhaps you should consider a Pergola Gazebo to remedy your space needs.  One Pergola to consider is the Yardistry Arched Roof Pergola Gazebo with Plinth.

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Instant Home Addition

If space is what you’re looking for, you can instantly add a twelve foot by twelve foot room with this pergola room kit. It is a great talking point for your next social event and will add s pace, as well as curb appeal to your home almost instantly. There are traditional plinths located at the base of each corner, but the Pergola also offers modern corner panels and beams that are arched on the roof, giving the gazebo a balance between traditional and modern style.


Ideal for an Outdoor Dining Room & More

This pergola is ideal for use over the many outdoor dining and living room sets available today. It gives the luxury outdoor furniture a place and makes it feel truly like an extension of your home. It is also a great place for that hot tube you’ve always wanted. You no longer need to use the excuse that you don’t have room for it or that it will look out of place because you don’t have a deck large enough for it. It will become an extension of your home thanks to Yardistry. You will be able to create your own paradise in the comfort of your own property with the purchase of this gazebo. It would make a great family gift or special gift to yourself.


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Easy to Assemble

The Yardistry Pergola Gazebo is very easy to put together. The only tool you will need that is not included is a drill; everything else comes with the gazebo. The Pergola comes prefinished in a classic grey color that is not only appealing to the eye, but resistant to weather and bleaching from the sun as well. It is made mostly of cedar that is treated to withstand an outdoor climate. The lightweight, yet durable, design means that virtually any homeowner will be able to assemble this gazebo with little or no difficulty, even if they are not experienced in putting such things together. It can be assembled easily by two people, but it is also possible for it to be put together by one person, it will just take longer to complete.


Yardistry beats the Competition

When it comes to competitive price and value, the Yardistry Arched Roof Pergola Gazebos with Plinth can’t be beat. Other gazebos can cost you thousands of dollars. They can also be very heavy or difficult, even impossible to assemble without professional assistants. You can have the arched room pergola delivered directly to your home, adding to the convenience even more.

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